B.A. Major in Music Studies: Producer/Performer

The B.A. major in Music Studies: Producer/Performer requires a minimum of 31 semester hours:

MUS 112Music Recording Techniques1.0
MUS 115Class Piano Lab 10.0-6.0
MUS 150Music Fundamentals3.0
MUS 160Musicianship II2.0
MUS 170Diatonic Harmony3.0
MUS 235Advanced Recording3.0
MUS 335Advanced Music Production3.0
One of the following:3.0
Traditional Korean Music
Music of the World
One of the following:4.0
Music History I
Music History II
Two of the following:6.0
Intro to the Art of Music
Symphonic Masterworks
Operatic Masterworks
Topics in Music History
Beethoven: The Great Master
American Musical Theater
The Jazz Tradition in America
The Creative World of Mozart
Student Recital
Popular Music in America
Field Studies in Music
Advanced Theory Techniques
One of the following:3.0-5.0
For students interested in music performance: 2
Junior Recital
For students interested in music production:
Music Production Project
or an internship in the area of music production
Two semesters of applied lessons0.0-2.0
Four semesters of faculty-directed ensemble0.0-4.0
Total Semester Hours31.0-45.0

To complete the Piano Proficiency Requirement, students must complete three semesters of MUS 115 with a C or higher. Students may complete the Piano Proficiency Requirement in fewer than three semesters of MUS 115 by auditioning successfully for the Music faculty.


Subject to music faculty approval.

Note: See Overview page for minimum grade requirements.