B.A. Major in Music Studies: Producer/Performer

The B.A. major in Music Studies: Producer/Performer requires a minimum of 38 semester hours:

Piano Proficiency Requirement 12.0-4.0
Class Piano I 2*
Class Piano II 2
MUS 112Music Recording Techniques1.0
MUS 139Intro to Music Fundamentals 2*3.0
MUS 140Music Theory & Musicianship I 23.0
MUS 160Musicianship II 22.0
MUS 170Music Theory II 23.0
MUS 235Advanced Recording3.0
MUS 335Advanced Music Production3.0
One of the following:3.0
Traditional Korean Music
Music of the World
Three of the following:9.0-13.0
Intro to the Art of Music
Symphonic Masterworks
Operatic Masterworks
Topics in Music History
Beethoven: The Great Master
American Musical Theater
The Jazz Tradition in America
The Creative World of Mozart
Student Recital
Popular Music in America
Field Studies in Music
Music History I
Music History II
One of the Following:3.0-5.0
For students interested in music performance: 3
Junior Recital
For students interested in music production:3.0
Music Production Project
or an internship in the area of music production
Four semesters of applied lessons and/or faculty-directed ensemble 30.0-4.0
Total Semester Hours38.0-50.0