The year in parentheses, listed after individuals’ names, indicates their first year of employment with The Principia.  It does not necessarily indicate continuous employment.

Academic Services

Academic Technology Director

Kevin Henry (2013)

BS, MS, Southern Oregon State College

Library Director

Elizabeth W. Roberts (1998)
BA, Principia College
MLIS, University of Texas, Austin

Principia Study Abroad Director

Stephanie Lovseth (2009)
BA, Principia College;
MEd, Loyola University


Alice Stanley Dervin (2004)
BA, Principia College
MA, Goddard College

Center for Sustainability Director

Karen L. Eckert (2012)
BS, Principia College
PhD, University of Georgia

Center for Teaching and Learning Director, Interim

Molly Broere (2013)
BA, Principia College
MEd, Mercer University

Administrative Services

Admissions/Recruiting Director, Interim

Brett Grimmer (2014)

Administrative Systems Group Manager

Greg Kuhn (2007)

Campus Security Director

Matthew Brill (2013)

Dining Services Director

Lance Thornton (2001)

Facilities Director

Paul Lehr (2012)

Financial Aid Director

Tamara Gavaletz (2003)

Human Resources Director

Beth Trevino (2000)

Information Technology

Kevin Henry (2013), Academic Technology Director

Jim Huddleston (2015), Telecom Director

Bill Whitney (2006), College Technology Director

International Student Programs and Services Director

David Njau (2018)

Mail and Copy Services Manager

Ward Patterson (1992)

Marketing Manager


Media Services Director

John Lyon (1991)

Nursing Director, Elsah


Workplace Safety Director

David Pate (2003)


Advancement Services Director

Cindy Fox (1993)

Alumni and Field Relations Director

Merrilee McFarland (2003)

Lifelong Learning Director

Kelly Peticolas (1998)

Capital Giving Director

Sue Ellen Coughtry (2004)

Planned Giving Director

Ned McCarty (2011)


Budget Office Manager

John Bruce Trevor-Roberts (2011)

Chief Investment Officer

Howard E. Berner Jr. (1996)

Chief Operations Officer

Joy Turnbaugh (2019)

College Store Manager

Katie Boyce (2013)

Contracts Officer

Bruce Alioto (1992)


Donald D. Miller (2014)

Purchasing Agent

Susan Curry (2011)

Student Loans and Billing Services

Milly Mensing (2005)

Billing Services Lead

Cheryl Carbonell (2005)

General Staff

Academic Advising

Matt Flavin (2004)

Joy Trout (2004)

Academic Dean's Office


Academic Technology

Ariana Dale (2019)


Grace Buchanan (2016)

Carly Hendrikson (2016)

Kendall Shoemake (2015)

Nathan Smith (2017)

Leslie Thompson (1978)

Alumni and Field Relations

Annabelle Lines (2012)

Lisa Myles (2015)


Melody Hauf-Belden (2005)


Heather Fairbanks (2011)

Nick Barron (2018)

Lora McMullin (1986)

Campus Security

Lee Garges (2014)

Paul Grant (2012)

Whitney Howland (1995)

Eric Phillips (2007)

Jeff Wingert (1996)

Center for Teaching and Learning

Kristin Halsey (2011)

Chemistry Lab Coordinator


College Store

Pam Fox (2000)

Community Service/Sociology/Anthropology

Robert Pennamon (1997)

Dining Services

Trey McCartt (1999)

Alison Rea (2005)

Jackie Thornton (2014)
Catherine Wallace (2010)

Engineering Program Advisor/Administrator

Peter Frohwein (2019)


Marlys Anstead (2017)
Linda Clifford (2006)
Arno List (1994)
Jeannie Siegling (2004)
Matt Thompson (1992)
Mary Pat Ward (2009)

Finance and Accounting

John Barthelmess (2011)
Liz Campbell (2004)
Cheryl Carbonell (2005)
Scott Greenman (2011)
Julie Holser (2017)
Debbie Humphrey (1985)
Tammy Payton (2012)
Susie Quitter (2017)
Jon Sherwood (2014)

Human Resources

Lauren Cornthwaite (2014)

Marcella Lehr (2012)

Information Technology Services

Robin Burns (2007)
Thomas Cowart (2007)
Christian Saucedo (2008)

Internships and Careers

John Lane (2010)

Amber McCartt (1999)

Land Stewardship Biologist

Jeremy Burbee (2018)


Catherine Barlow (2006)

Mark Geis (2018)
Jayne Stanley (2000)
Diane Wingert (1996)

Mail and Copy Services

Michael McMullin (1985)

Michael Harrison (2012)

Bruce Rea (2016)

Media Services

Alex Hauf-Belden (2017)
Eric Lines (2011)
Toms Musts (2017)
Darin Pierce (2012)
Stephanie Young (2006)


Danielle Puduski (2015)


Rose Whitmore (2013)

Performing Arts Office Manager

Jill Geis (2018)

Pipeline Mitigation Project Manager

Ian Armesy (2019)

President’s Office

Christina Wilson (2018)

Principia Study Abroad

Cara Buitron (2017)

Allison Terry (2016)

Principia Guest House

Margaret Sotos (2013)

Jan Wright (2012)

Registrar’s Office

Carolyn Madden (2012)
Bev Mayhall (2015)
Michelle Miller (2019)
Katie Schiele (2006)
Helen Wills (1983)

Science Center Operations Manager

Steve Ward (2008)

Technical Director/Theatre Manager

Tom Halsey (2018)

Web Services

Andrew Blass (2006)
Jonathan Hosmer (1997), Web Director

Student Life

Dean of Students

Maya Dietz (2019)

Assistant Dean of Students, Interim

Mark Hagenlocher (2016)

Residential/Community Educators:

Kemi Awosile (2017)
Noel Carlson (2017)
Rich Eisenauer (1988)
Ginger Emden (2012)
Kristen Harrison (2012)
Geoff Hinchman (2010)
Paul Needham (2014)

Student Affairs Manager

BK Grimmer (2017)

Student Events Manager

Heather Holmes (2018)