Individualized Majors and Minors

Individualized Majors (IMs) give students an opportunity to design their own major or complete a major not regularly offered by Principia. IMs draw upon existing Principia courses and can include courses successfully completed at other institutions. 

There are two types of IMs. Students can design an original major uniquely suited to their individual needs. Recent examples of original IMs include: theatrical design and film studies.

Alternately, students can declare an IM using an existing Template. IM Templates provide pre-approved curriculum in existing popular major subjects. Current Templates are available in:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Geology

Principia College also offers individualized minors.

To participate in an IM program, students must work with a faculty advisor to develop an original plan for a major/minor that must be approved by the College Curriculum Committee. All IMs must also follow all requirements for the B.A. or the B.S. degree. For more information on the IM program please contact Becky Coles.