Global Studies

Sarah C. Andrews, Assistant Professor

Gregory W. Sandford, Professor

Sally A. Steindorf, Associate Professor

Faculty from other disciplines also support this program.

Global Studies at Principia College is the study of contemporary issues that are truly global in scope, such as poverty, refugees, human trafficking, environmental degradation, climate change, systemic conflict, etc. The focus is both on the complex problems raised by these issues, as well as their potential solutions. The program's purpose is to educate professionals who can communicate and work effectively across the boundaries of traditional bodies of knowledge; understand the interplay among local, national, regional, and global forces; and demonstrate the tools needed to solve complex global problems. Students with a major in Global Studies may choose to work for NGOs, government agencies or intergovernmental bodies tasked with addressing these problems on the ground, or they may prefer to become scholars working to create a more strategic understanding of complex global issues, developing solution landscapes, and deepening academic involvement.

Students meeting the language study and proficiency requirement through the French and Spanish offerings at Principia College must demonstrate proficiency at a minimum of the 205 level. Students meeting this requirement through a non-Western language must demonstrate proficiency by completion of study at a level appropriate for the demands of the particular language. Criteria for language proficiency are determined by the Department of Languages and Cultures. Any transfer work applied to this requirement must meet institutional transfer policies administered by the Registrar’s Office.

Departmental Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the complex nature of and the interplay among local, national, regional, and global systems
  2. Evaluate how global systems shape structures of inequality (e.g. race, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, etc.) 
  3. Apply transdisciplinary, solution-oriented strategies to complex global issues
  4. Apply relevant globalization theories to global phenomena
  5. Demonstrate global citizenship
    1. Demonstrate intercultural competence
    2. Participate in global service

College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes of Principia College: Defining a Liberal Education

The curricular and co-curricular programs at Principia College are designed for students to be lifelong learners, thinkers, and problem-solvers, to draw out spiritual and moral qualities indispensable to growth in Christian Science, and to cultivate an understanding of service to the Cause of Christian Science in meeting the global needs of the 21st century. To accomplish this, the College has established the following outcomes for its graduates. Students graduating from Principia College will:

  1. Demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge.
  2. Demonstrate critical and generative thinking.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively.
  4. Be intentional learners.
  5. Be effective members of communities.
  6. Act on the basis of Principle.

GLBS 115 Global Citizenship 1.0 SH [  ]

This course introduces students to both the Global Studies major and the concept of global citizenship which is one of the learning outcomes for the Global Studies major. Students will discuss various definitions, values, and practices of a global citizen and will define the concept for themselves.
Class Level Restriction: Freshman and Sophomore only.

GLBS 225 Global Issues 3.0 SH [  ]

This course introduces students to issues that are global in scope and that raise complex problems that need to be considered with the concepts and tools of more than one discipline.
Class Level Restriction: Freshman and Sophomore and Junior only.

GLBS 250 Contemporary Global Topics 2.0-3.0 SH [  ]

This course is an exploration of a contemporary topic or issue in Global Studies. The course will examine both factors that make this issue complex as well as potential solution-oriented strategies for this issue. Title extended to identify current topic. May be taken more than once provided topics differ. Only one 3SH course may count toward the Global Studies major/minor.

GLBS 270 World Focus Seminar 1.0 SH [  ]

In this course, students develop an awareness of the major problems of the world and the way in which these problems are interconnected through the study of geography and current events. May be taken four times up to a total of four semester hours.

GLBS 315 Strategies to Global Solutions 3.0 SH [  ]

This course introduces students to strategies that could be used to solve complex, global issues. These strategies include the lenses of social innovation, systems thinking, transdisciplinary thinking; problem solving; and intercultural communication. Students first study a complex, global issue of their choice and then create their own project-based social innovation for this issue.
Prerequisite: GLBS 225.
Class Level Restriction: Sophomore and Junior and Senior only.

GLBS 350 Nonprofits: Theory & Practice 3.0 SH [  ]

This course introduces students to the U.S. and international nonprofit sectors including historical and social foundations, best practices and theories within the sector, and major trends. As a service learning course, students are required to volunteer with a local nonprofit while enrolled in this course.
Class Level Restriction: Sophomore and Junior and Senior only.

GLBS 405 Internship 1.0-6.0 SH [  ]

This course provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in fields related to Global Studies. Includes field sponsor supervision, journals, colleague interviews, and final research paper. Title will be extended to describe the topic. May be offered for variable credit from one to six semester hours. May be repeated once for a total of 6 SH if internship sites differ.

GLBS 431 Worldography 3.0 SH [  ]

A seminar involving critical reading and discussion of outstanding books on different world-encompassing issues. A set of criteria is applied to each book to determine its effectiveness. Open only to Global Studies majors.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only
Field of Study Restrictions: Global Studies Majors only.

GLBS 435 Capstone Proposal 3.0 SH [  ]

A seminar in which students select and research a capstone topic, critically analyze appropriate sources for these topics, and write a formal proposal for their capstones.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only
Field of Study Restrictions: Global Studies Majors only.

GLBS 440 Global Studies Capstone 3.0 SH [  ]

Individual research and writing on the research question developed in GLBS 435. Course work culminates in a significant research paper and/or project.
Prerequisite: GLBS 435.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only.