Asian Studies

John Williams, Professor

Faculty from other disciplines also support this program.

The minor in Asian Studies is designed to develop student understanding of an area of the world that has grown in strategic, economic, and cultural importance (as well as population) over the past century. Asia is defined broadly to include China, Japan, Southeast and island Asia, South Asia (including India), Central Asia, and the Middle East. These regions embrace the religious influences of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Islam (among many other religions). Our curriculum provides courses in art history, economics, history, politics, and religious studies.

The purpose of the minor is to foster breadth of knowledge about the region or a country in the region.

Courses offered on Principia abroads to Asia, as well as one-time offerings and independent projects, may also apply toward the minor if approved by the director of Asian Studies. The director may consult with the faculty teaching courses in support of the minor to determine the appropriateness of coursework.