Erin J. Lane, Assistant Professor

Dance plays an important role within the Department of Theatre and Dance. Our focus in the department is on the following outcomes: Train Deeply, Think Critically, Grow Spiritually and Share Freely. We feel that dance is a unique vehicle with which to do all of those things. From Composition classes where students explore their own creativity through choreography to high-end workshops with leading professionals in the field, we offer a wide range of opportunities for dance students to train and share their love for this universal art form. We always remember that our “vital purpose” (Education at The Principia p. 107) is to help students in their pursuit of spiritual progress and that dance can be a powerful way to do just that.

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DANC 043 Dance: Ballet I 0.0 SH [GEPE]

Introduction to the basic principles and vocabulary of ballet. Flexibility, strength, and control are emphasized.

DANC 044 Dance: Ballet II 0.0 SH [GEPE]

Provides the intermediate dancer with ongoing training in ballet technique. Emphasis is on center work and adagio.

DANC 045 Dance: Ballet III 0.0 SH [GEPE]

Provides the more advanced dancer with an upper-level technique class emphasizing pointe work and petit allegro.

DANC 048 Dance: Jazz I 0.0 SH [GEPE]

Introduction to the basic principles and vocabulary of jazz technique and rhythm.

DANC 080 Dance: Modern I 0.0 SH [GEPE]

Introduction to the basic principles and vocabulary of modern dance. Emphasis is on individual expression through the use of improvisation, modern dance technique, and rhythm.

DANC 081 Dance: Modern II 0.0 SH [GEPE]

Builds on the basic modern dance techniques and allows greater exploration of improvisation and movement sequences.

DANC 082 Dance: Modern III 0.0 SH [GEPE]

Continuation of DANC 081. Further development of modern technique and improvisation and floorwork. Exploration of different styles of modern dance, e.g. Limón, Graham, and others.

DANC 083 Dance as Movement 0.0 SH [GEPE]

This introductory course is provided to train the student dancer in spatial awareness, weight transfer, and basic studio-dance movement. It is a generic dance class designed to enable dancers to make connections between basic pedestrian movement and dance vocabulary movements.

DANC 200 Topics in Dance History 3.0 SH [GEA]

A comprehensive study of a notable topic in dance history whether it is a choreographer, particular period of dance, or specific topic, e.g., Politics and Dance, Antony Tudor. Students will be introduced to a particularly relevant viewpoint that includes historical context, analysis, and viewing. The title will be extended to describe the current topic. May be taken more than once if topics differ.

DANC 250 Dance History 3.0 SH [GEA]

An introduction to western dance history. Periods covered include, but are not limited to, the Baroque, Romantic, and Classical ballet eras and the Modern and Post Modern eras. Both ballet and modern dance luminaries are studied. Video is used and an emphasis is placed on historical context as regards dance styles and periods.

DANC 330 Dance Composition 3.0 SH [  ]

A course designed to introduce the student to the fine art of composition for dance. Respected texts are used to guide the students through the process of creating work for the stage. Students identify key components of effective composition, practice these principles, and produce pieces that illustrate their skill as choreographers.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only.

DANC 370 Dance Practicum Cast 1.0-3.0 SH [  ]

Practical application in a dance production of classroom courses in a performance setting. Students participate in all aspects of a performance experience from auditions to learning and creating (if chosen as a choreographer) choreography, through the rehearsal process to the final mainstage performances for the community. May be offered for variable credit from one to three semester hours. May be taken more than once.

DANC 371 Dance Practicum Staff 1.0-3.0 SH [  ]

A dance production course designed to give students hands-on experience in assisting the director and, in certain cases, the technical director. Professionalism, self-discipline, strong communication skills, and team work are stressed. May be offered for variable credit from one to three semester hours. May be taken more than once.