Stephane Dennery, Instructor

Julien Ekiaka Oblazamengo, Assistant Professor

Salut et bienvenue au programme de français! 

Learning a language always broadens individual perspectives. By doing so, individuals not only learn the language structure and skills, but also engage in an intercultural dialogue with other speakers and people they meet. In other words, they learn to see the world through other lenses and embark in a multi-centric vision of reality.

French is one of the only two global languages in the world, along with English, spoken on all continents in over 40 countries across the world.

Students can major in French Language or elect a minor in either French Language or Francophone Studies. 

For the French Language major, students must complete at least twelve courses for a minimum of 31 semester hours. One advisor-approved course taught in English with relevant content supporting cultural, historical, political, or religious knowledge of French-speaking countries may be used to fulfill a course requirement for this major. It is encouraged and highly recommended that students participate in an immersion or abroad experience during their French language study. Credit by Examination requires prior approval from the Languages and Cultures Department Chair and is available for students participating in well-established French language institutes or schools. Courses at the appropriate level offered abroad by accredited institutions may be substituted for required or elective courses by approval of the French faculty, provided they have been officially transferred in for credit through the Registrar's Office. 

Upon request, the French program faculty may waive the major requirement for FREN 204 for students placing directly into FREN 205 or 216, thus reducing the required number of semester hours for the major from a minimum of 31 to a minimum of 28 semester hours. In cases where a student places out of FREN 205, the student will take an advisor-approved replacement course for 205 to complete a total of 11 required courses. 

French Language majors are strongly encouraged to participate at least in one immersive French study abroad experience before completing their coursework. This is a golden opportunity for them to live in the culture as well as to practice the language they are learning with host parents. They are also encouraged to include an internship for the purpose of exploring career opportunities or service-learning. Additional Francophone content-related courses in global studies, political science, religious studies, gender studies, and other socio-cultural courses are also recommended. 

Minors in French Language and Francophone Studies require six three-semester hour courses. No more than two transfer courses may be counted towards either concentration of the French minor. Only courses taught in French may be applied to a minor in French Language, whereas one course taught in English may be applied to a minor in Francophone Studies.

Alors, “ici on parle français et on travaille!”