Athletic Competitions

The opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics is an important aspect of the whole man concept at Principia. For the participating student it is an opportunity which is encouraged and supported by the faculty and administration. Since running an intercollegiate athletic program necessarily requires some missed class time and the athletic trip is not by definition a field trip, the following policies will be recognized:

  1. As a general rule, classes missed for athletic contests during the regular season and post-season play (i.e., SLIAC conference tournament, NCAA regional or national tournament) are excused absences.
  2. Students are required to consult with their instructors before they miss a class because of a scheduled contest. Students are responsible for completing all assignments and making up any class work they have missed.
  3. The NCAA requires student-athletes to make satisfactory progress toward graduation and to be in good academic standing in order to compete in intercollegiate athletics.
  4. Principia requires student-athletes to be in good academic standing in order to register for varsity athletics, or any athletic program that includes intercollegiate competition. Students must be enrolled in the appropriate class in order to participate, practice, or compete with the team, including the non-traditional season.
  5. Faculty are encouraged to communicate with students and coaches on an ongoing basis concerning any student-athlete who they feel is not meeting his or her academic responsibilities.