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The Principia College campus covers 2,600 acres with over four miles of bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River north of St. Louis, Missouri. The unique bluff prairies on campus are a registered Illinois Natural Heritage Landmark. The campus has received national recognition for its unique design. A noted San Francisco architect, Bernard Maybeck, designed the original buildings for the Elsah campus. These special buildings include the Chapel and six of the eleven student houses. Principia College was designated on April 19, 1993, as a National Historic Landmark for its fine Maybeck architecture. The group of Maybeck-designed buildings at Principia represents the final phase of Bernard Maybeck’s career and is considered his finest expression of collegiate design, drawing from colonial American, medieval, and American vernacular stone building traditions.

Men and women live either in single-gender houses or on separate halls or floors of the same house. There are also cottages which are used as housing for non-traditional students and/or special programs.

Beginning in the summer of 2019, the campus will be going through a major renovation of some of its academic buildings. For the next several semesters, the School of Government will be closed for renovation. Classes normally taught there will be scheduled in the School of Nations, the Science Center, and other campus locations. See the course schedule for specific course information.

Administrative offices formerly in the School of Government will mostly be located in Clara McNabb near the Chapel. The Admissions Office will be located in the Davis-Merrick Center for the Performing Arts. Faculty offices formerly in the School of Government will be located in various academic buildings around campus. See the eDirectory on Prinweb for up-to-date administrative and faculty office information.