Digital Media and Journalism

Stephanie M. Bauer, Associate Professor

Jenna Fisher, Assistant Professor

Joan T. Wesman, Assistant Professor

Faculty from other disciplines also support this program.

The goal of Principia’s Digital Media and Journalism program is to inspire students to use their knowledge, skill and talent in the media for constructive purposes—through business, journalism, and the arts.

Through our program, students acquire familiarity with and knowledge of current media-related professions, to prepare them for a range of career options. These professions include public relations and advertising, corporate communications, journalism, film, television and video, as well as radio broadcasting and other forms of audio storytelling.

Students also learn the skills essential to working in these media professions. Skills taught include writing, reporting and editing, photography, video and audio production, graphic design, social media, and public speaking. These capabilities are the foundation for effective storytelling of all types, across all media platforms.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, students learn media literacy—developing and applying critical and creative thinking to all aspects of the media industry, including its messages and their effects on individuals and society. Media literacy involves understanding the business context of the media, the importance of informed media use, ethical and legal considerations, global media issues, and the role of media in a democratic society.

With a rich combination of classroom instruction, hands-on experience with professional equipment and facilities, team-based projects, internships, field programs, and academic study—students are exposed to the full spectrum of ideas, skills, and critical thinking they will need to make a positive contribution to the world as Principia-educated consumers and producers of media content.