Minor in Music Technology

A minor in Music Technology requires a minimum of 16 semester hours:

MUS 112Music Recording Techniques1.0
MUS 235Advanced Recording3.0
MUS 335Advanced Music Production3.0
One of the following: 13.0-5.0
Music Fundamentals
Musicianship II
and Diatonic Harmony
Musicianship III
and Advanced Theory Techniques
A total of three semester hours from the following: 13.0
Radio Broadcasting
Video Production
Advanced Radio Broadcasting
Introduction to Computer Music
Music Composition
One music history elective (at least 3 semester hours) 13.0
Two semesters of class piano lab, applied lessons, or faculty-directed ensemble0.0-4.0
Total Semester Hours16.0-22.0

Electives should be chosen in consultation with the music department chair.