Off-Campus Programs

Principia offers several types of off-campus programs:

  • Principia study abroad and domestic field programs (contact: Principia Study Abroad)

  • Academic internships (contact: Internships and Career Development Office)

  • Independent Course contracts when off campus, or during interterm (contact: Registrar's Office)

Study abroad programs, directed by a Principia full-time, continuing, faculty member, are interdisciplinary, experiential learning programs in a country other than the United States. These unique academic programs help students to develop intercultural competence and multicultural awareness as they stretch their own perceptions of themselves and the world. Students are also challenged to meet the demands that come with living, traveling, and working together as a group.

Domestic Field programs are directed by a Principia full-time, continuing, faculty member and are similar in many ways to Principia study abroads. Field programs, however, are conducted in the United States.

Besides the abroad and field programs operated by the Study Abroad Office, classes sometimes also have both domestic and international field opportunities.

Academic internships give students the opportunity to participate in work environments while receiving academic credit. Students work with a Principia College faculty member who assists in developing the learning contract, maintains contact with the student during the internship, and gives a grade based on the learning contract.

To be eligible for an off-campus internship, students must be in good academic standing. Exceptions must be approved by Scholastic Committee. The academic department sponsoring the internship determines the level of writing proficiency required for a specific internship.

At least one term prior to the intended internship, a qualified student should complete the formal process of developing and obtaining approval of an Internship Learning Contract between him/herself and Principia.

Check the published academic calendar for specific due dates.

For information on tuition charges see Fees and Personal Expenses.