Summary of Degree Requirements - Bachelor of Science

Completion of one B.S. major
120 semester hours
2.000 minimum cumulative GPA
Dilemmas and Decisions program completion

General Education Requirements

B.S. Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements (LADR):

  • 5 courses selected from these academic areas as follows:
Each of these five courses must be from a different discipline:
1 Arts [GEA attribute]
1 Humanities [GEH attribute]
1 Social Sciences [GESS attribute]
2 courses from any of these areas [GEA, GEH, GESS attributes]
  • 1 Bible [GEB attribute]
  • 1 Mathematics [GEM attribute] (May be fulfilled within major requirements)

  • Additional 15 semester hours of Math and Natural Sciences courses outside the major discipline (must include one lab course outside the major)

 Each credit course must be 3 semester hours or more

  • 2 PE [GEPE] 
GEPE courses are non-credit and require a minimum of 42 contact hours

 Any non-credit courses to be completed are in addition to the 120 academic hours required for graduation.

Skill Development Requirement

Proficiency Requirements