Dual Language

Faculty from several disciplines support this program.

The dual language major is designed for students who want to achieve a working proficiency in two languages other than English. It may be combined with a second major as a support to another interest or career goal. The language training it provides, together with the appropriate socio-political and cultural background, is applicable to several career areas, including teaching, translating/interpreting, international business, and government service. Normally, students majoring in two languages will have developed some proficiency in one of these prior to coming to Principia, and they continue that language in addition to developing one other during their major program.

All language courses for the major must be at the 200 level or above. Some of the three culturally-related courses may fulfill general education liberal arts distribution requirements (LADR).

Majors in all languages are strongly urged to earn at least three semester hours in a cultural environment where that language is spoken natively through either a Principia abroad or an independent study abroad program.

Majors in French and Spanish are described separately.