Andrew T. Parker, Professor

Mathematics is a deductive science which studies pattern and structure with ideas grounded in numbers and shapes. The Mathematics Department at Principia College offers programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science in mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics, and a minor in mathematics. The department also supports other departmental programs requiring mathematical training through various service courses.

The B.S. degree program prepares students for both graduate work in applied mathematics fields and careers in applied mathematics in industry. The B.A. degree program prepares students for graduate work in pure mathematics.

Mathematics majors must complete a core of required mathematics courses with a 2.000 grade point average or higher. This core consists of:

MATH 181Calculus I4.0
MATH 182Calculus II4.0
MATH 220Mathematical Proofs2.0
MATH 273Linear Algebra3.0
MATH 283Multivariable Calculus4.0

The major programs differ in the required elective options and some required courses more appropriate to a particular degree program at the upper division level. Both major programs require a Senior Capstone course and a research paper written primarily in that course. 

Independent study courses, such as combinatorics, can be arranged with the mathematics faculty.