B.A. Major in Educational Studies with a Concentration in Theory and Practice

The B.A. major in Educational Studies with a concentration in Theory and Practice requires 12 courses:

EDST 260Communication3.0
Educational Studies Block:16.0
Field Experiences in Education
Classroom Methods & Management
Educational Theory
Dynamic Learning Communities
Child & Adolescent Development
Literacy Across the Curriculum
Four of the following (one course must be 300 level):11.0-13.0
Signs of the Times
Outdoor Education
Environmental Education
Children and Society
21st Century Learning
Education in America
Outdoor Leadership
Contemporary Topics
Outdoor Ed Topics
Pedagogy of Place
Child & Adolescent Literature
Foundations in Experiential Ed
Character Education
Wilderness Literacy
Educational Psychology
Community Education
Global Education
Authentic Leadership
Adolescent Development
Philosophy of Education
3 SH course approved by the Educational Studies department that poses critical questions concerning the ways in which social, political, and economic institutions affect individuals according to their race, gender, class, ability, or culture.
EDST 420Capstone: Educational Studies2.0-3.0
Total Semester Hours32.0-35.0