B.A. Major in Educational Studies with a Concentration in Outdoor and Experiential Theory and Practice

The B.A. major in Educational Studies with a concentration in Outdoor and Experiential Theory and Practice requires 12 courses:

EDST 130Outdoor Education3.0
EDST 260Communication3.0
EDST 285Foundations in Experiential Ed3.0
EDST 300Exper. Educ Practicum/Intern3.0
One of the following educational studies courses:3.0
Pedagogy of Place
Character Education
Wilderness Literacy
Community Education
One of the following leadership focused courses:2.0-4.0
21st Century Learning
Outdoor Leadership
Authentic Leadership
Two of the following natural science and/or earth science courses:6.0-8.0
Introductory Botany 1
Field & Natural History
Introduction to Ecology 1
Marine Biology
Natural Resources Management
Sea Turtle Biology
Sugarbush Management
Introductory Geology
Historical Geology
Descriptive Astronomy
One of the following courses with an emphasis on diversity:3.0
"Race" and Ethnicity
Gender Paradigms
or an advisor-approved course with an emphasis on diversity
One of the following interdisciplinary courses related to the environment:3.0-4.0
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Education
Environmental Geology
The Bible and the Environment
Environmental & Social Change
Introduction to Sustainability
Two additional electives from the Educational Studies course offerings listed below. Education courses found in any part of the Experiential and Outdoor Theory and Practice track outlined above will qualify as long as they are not already being counted towards the above requirements:5.0-6.0
Signs of the Times
Adolescence and Society
Children and Society
Education in America
Contemporary Topics
Outdoor Ed Topics
Leadrshp Communication Seminar
Philosophy of Education
Total Semester Hours34.0-40.0