B.A. Major in Digital Media and Journalism

The B.A. Major in Digital Media and Journalism requires 17 courses:

Nine required core courses:
MDIA 120Intro to Media and Journalism3.0
MDIA 140Public Speaking3.0
MDIA 150Digital Media Literacy3.0
MDIA 210Media Reporting and Writing3.0
MDIA 301Mass Media in Society3.0
MDIA 302Media Law and Ethics4.0
MDIA 339Multi-Platform Storytelling3.0
MDIA 400Internship 11.0-6.0
MDIA 411Adv Topics in Communication1.0-6.0
One course in Critical Theory:3.0
Art and Critical Theory 2
Theory as Creative Practice
Gender, Race, & Class in Media
Three advisor approved courses in your area of emphasis, at least one must be at the 300 level9.0-10.0
Two electives (may be within or outside of the area of emphasis)6.0
Two semesters of practical experience0.0-2.0
Total Semester Hours42.0-55.0

Areas of emphasis may include Digital Media Production, Journalism, Theory, Public Relations, or an advisor approved area of emphasis. 


The department prefers a credit internship but will consider a non-credit internship based on student need. 


Note that a prerequisite of ARTS 185 is required for this course.