Minor in Dance

A minor in Dance requires 11 courses:

DANC 250Dance History3.0
DANC 370Dance Practicum Cast (4 SH requires course to be taken more than once)4.0
One of the following: 3.0
Dance Composition
Theatre Movement
Two of the following:6.0-8.0
Color Studies
Topics in Dance History
Dance Practicum Staff
Video Production
Intro to the Art of Music
Symphonic Masterworks
Operatic Masterworks
Intro to Music Fundamentals
American Musical Theater
The Jazz Tradition in America
Great Composers &Their Culture
Music History I
Acting I
Intro to Theatrical Design
Five dance technique classes from the following:0.0
Dance: Ballet I
Dance: Ballet II
Dance: Ballet III
Dance: Jazz I
Dance: Modern I
Dance: Modern II
Dance: Modern III
Dance as Movement
Total Semester Hours16.0-18.0