B.S. Major in Computer Science

The B.S. major in Computer Science requires 14 courses:

CSCI 171Introduction to Programming4.0
CSCI 182Intro to Data Structures4.0
CSCI 220Programming Languages4.0
CSCI 240Object-Oriented Programming4.0
CSCI 263Computer Software Architecture3.0
CSCI 310Software Engineering3.0
CSCI 320Database Management Systems4.0
CSCI 330Operating Systems3.0
CSCI 333Computer Networking3.0
CSCI 380Compilers4.0
CSCI 421Computer Issues Seminar3.0
ENGR 262Computer Hardware Architecture5.0
MATH 181Calculus I5.0
MATH 261Discrete Math3.0
Total Semester Hours52.0