B.A. Major in Computer Science

The B.A. major in Computer Science requires a minimum of 40 semester hours:

Required courses:
CSCI 171Introduction to Programming 14.0
CSCI 182Intro to Data Structures 24.0
CSCI 220Programming Languages4.0
CSCI 240Object-Oriented Programming4.0
CSCI 263Computer Software Architecture3.0
CSCI 421Computer Issues Seminar3.0
ENGR 262Computer Hardware Architecture5.0
MATH 261Discrete Math3.0
At least 10 semester hours from the following:10.0
Software Engineering
Database Management Systems
Web Development
Operating Systems
Computer Networking
Advanced Algorithms
Topics in Computer Science
Total Semester Hours40.0

Note: A cumulative average of 2.0 or higher in all required courses is necessary to complete the major.