B.A. Major in Theatre

The B.A. major in Theatre requires a minimum of 16 courses:

THEA 101Acting I3.0
THEA 140Stagecraft3.0
THEA 201Acting II3.0
THEA 220Intro to Theatrical Design3.0
THEA 225Voice and Speech3.0
THEA 230Theatre Movement3.0
THEA 272The History of Theatre3.0
THEA 420Directing4.0
One of the following:3.0
History of British Drama
Dramatic Literature
Two of the following:2.0-6.0
Acting III
Advanced Voice and Movement
Thea Practicum Mainstage Staff
Thea Practicum Studio Staff
One of the following:3.0-6.0
Dance History
Shakespeare I
Shakespeare II
Theatre Topics
Voice for the Actor
Creative Theory and Practice (minimum 3 SH)
Acting Shakespeare
Advanced Acting Topics
Spec Creative or Research Proj
Theatre or Dance Internship
Six semester hours in theatre practicum, two semester hours of which must be THEA 354 or THEA 355 (Thea Practicum Crew):6.0
Thea Practicum Mainstage Cast
Thea Practicum Studio Cast
Thea Practicum Mainstage Staff
Thea Practicum Studio Staff
Thea Practicum Mainstage Crew
Thea Practicum Studio Crew
Two of the following dance technique courses: 10.0
Dance: Ballet I
Dance: Ballet II
Dance: Ballet III
Dance: Jazz I
Dance: Modern I
Dance: Modern II
Dance: Modern III
Dance as Movement
Total Semester Hours39.0-46.0

Note: See overview page for departmental transfer credit policy.