B.A. Major in Sustainability

The B.A. major in Sustainability requires 12 courses and a major in a second discipline:

BNR 290Environmental Policy3.0
ECON 271Environmental Economics3.0
GLBS 315Strategies to Global Solutions3.0
SUS 151Introduction to Sustainability3.0
SUS 240Modern Climate Change3.0
SUS 260Sustainable Development3.0
SUS 310Environ Decision Analysis3.0
SUS 410Capstone Seminar1.0
SUS 411Capstone2.0-5.0
One of the following:3.0-4.0
Wildlife Conservation
Natural Resources Management
Two courses from any one of the following content spheres:6.0-8.0
Economy and Governance
Business Sustainability
Principles of Microeconomics
Economic Development
Development & Underdevelopment
Nonprofits: Theory & Practice
Globalization: Theory/Practice
Environment and Natural Resources
Global Environmental Issues
Indigenous Ecol Knowledge
Sugarbush Management
Soil and Water Conservation
Environmental Chemistry
Adv Environmental Chemistry
Introduction to Oceanography
Environmental Mapping & GIS
Physics for World Leaders
Sociology, Ethics, and Leadership
Pedagogy of Place
Environmental Literature
Environmental Ethics
The Bible and the Environment
Comparative Religious Ecology
Native American Cultures
Peace and Conflict
Global Perspectives of Women
Production Systems and the Built Environment
Art of the Italian Renaissance
Sustainable Design
Plants and Society
Global Urban Studies
Sustainable Food Systems
Energy and Living Systems
Sustainability Internship (minimum 3 SH)
Completion of a major in a second discipline
Total Semester Hours33.0-39.0