B.A. Major in Sociology and Anthropology

The B.A. major in Sociology and Anthropology requires 13 courses:

SOAN 050Community Service Program0.0
SOAN 100Intro to Global Sociology3.0
SOAN 160"Race" and Ethnicity3.0
SOAN/GSWS 175Gender, Sexuality, & Society3.0
SOAN/POLS 215Soc Science Research Methods4.0
SOAN 300Social Forces3.0
SOAN 400Senior Capstone Seminar3.0-6.0
Internship, choose one of the following:0.0-6.0
Internship - No credit
Choose one of the following:3.0
Introduction to Archaeology
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Non-Western component, choose one of the following:3.0
Native American Cultures
Anthropology of India
African Cultures
Three Electives (at least two must be 300 level)9.0
Criminology and Criminal Law
Int'l Human Rights Law & Advcy
Studies in Culture
The Art of Activism
African American Cultural Hist
Refugees: Culture and Conflict
Peace and Conflict
Global Women's & LGBTQ+ Issues
Globalization and Culture
Total Semester Hours34.0-43.0