B.A. Major in Political Science with a Concentration in International Relations

The B.A. major in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations requires 14 courses:

POLS 120American Government & Politics3.0
POLS 152Politics Among Nations3.0
POLS/SOAN 215Soc Science Research Methods4.0
POLS 252U.S. Foreign Policy3.0
Seven of the following political science courses (including at least three courses at the 300 level): 121.0
Latin American Politics
Contemporary European Politics
Politics of China
Topics in Asian Politics
Russia and the FSU
Contemporary Issues (if international topic)
Classics of Political Thought
Rev:Politics of Violent Change
U.S. and Global Security
International Relations Theory
Globalization: Theory/Practice
Advanced Issues (if international topic)
One of the following history courses: 23.0-5.0
Ancient Greece and Rome
Latin America
History of France
The History of Islam
From Renaissance to Revolution
Revolutionary Europe 1800-1914
20th Century Europe
South African History
The Cold War
Middle East
20th C U.S. Foreign Relations
Modern China
One of the following economics courses: 3.0
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
International Economics
At least one foreign language course at the 200 level or above (not including literature courses taught in English) 3.0-6.0
Total Semester Hours43.0-48.0

Additional international or comparative political science electives or maximum of one 200 or 300-level non-international or non-comparative political science course may be applied toward this concentration with approval of the department chair.


Additional modern history courses may be applied toward this concentration with approval of the Political Science Department chair; these courses examine the historical roots of political, social, and economic behavior and thought that explain international political activities and public policy.