B.A. Major in Political Science with a Concentration in International Relations

The B.A. major in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations requires 14 courses:

POLS 120American Government & Politics3.0
POLS 152Politics Among Nations3.0
POLS/SOAN 215Soc Science Research Methods4.0
POLS 252U.S. Foreign Policy3.0
Seven of the following political science courses (including at least three courses at the 300 level): 121.0
Latin American Politics
Contemporary European Politics
Politics of China
Topics in Asian Politics
Russia and the FSU
Contemporary Issues (if international topic)
Middle Eastern Politics
Classics of Political Thought
Rev:Politics of Violent Change
U.S. and Global Security
International Relations Theory
Globalization: Theory/Practice
Advanced Issues (if international topic)
One of the following history courses: 23.0-5.0
Ancient Greece and Rome
Latin America
History of France
The History of Islam
From Renaissance to Revolution
Revolutionary Europe 1800-1914
20th Century Europe
South African History
The Cold War
Middle East
Modern China
One of the following economics courses:3.0
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
International Economics
At least one foreign language course at the 200 level or above (not including literature courses taught in English)3.0-6.0
Total Semester Hours43.0-48.0

Note:  See overview page for departmental transfer credit policy.