B.A. Major in French Language

The B.A. Major in French Language requires 12 courses: 

FREN 204Intermediate French I 13.0
FREN 205Intermediate French II 13.0
One French culture course3.0-6.0
One French grammar course3.0
One French literature course3.0-6.0
One French speaking/conversation course3.0-6.0
Two French reading/writing courses5.0-6.0
One additional French course at the 300 level3.0
FREN 410Highlights of Francoph.Culture1.0
LANG 450Capstone Proposal1.0-3.0
FREN 470Capstone3.0
Total Semester Hours31.0-43.0

 Note: One advisor-approved course taught in English with relevant content supporting cultural, historical, political, or religious knowledge of French-speaking countries may be used to fulfill a course requirement for this program.  


In cases where a student places out of FREN 204, the total number of required courses will be reduced to 11. In cases where a student places out of FREN 205, the student will take an advisor-approved replacement course for 205 to complete a total of 11 required courses.