B.A. Major in English with a Concentration in Literary Studies

The B.A. major in English with a concentration in Literary Studies requires 14 courses:

ENGL 150Introduction to the Major1.0
Two courses focused on a chronological or regional presentation of literature (from two different time periods or regions)6.0
Two courses focused on a genre study of literature (one must be a creative writing course)6.0
Two courses focused on voices of difference (colonial, post-colonial, women's literature, Native American, polyvocal, etc.)6.0
One single author course3.0
ENGL 388Literature and Critical Theory3.0
ENGL 399Capstone Proposal2.0-3.0
ENGL 400Capstone in Literature3.0
Three electives from English department or World Literature offerings9.0
Total Semester Hours39.0-40.0