B.S. Major in Engineering

This major will be discontinued at the conclusion of a teach-out plan. Please contact the academic department for more information. 

The B.S. major in Engineering requires 83 semester hours:

38 semester hours:
CHEM 131Fundamentals of Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 132Fundamentals of Chemistry II4.0
MATH 181Calculus I4.0
MATH 182Calculus II4.0
MATH 283Multivariable Calculus4.0
MATH 284Differential Equations3.0
PHYS 201Phys for Scientists/Engrs I4.0
PHYS 202Phys for Scientists/Engrs II4.0
PHYS 203Phys for Scientists/Engrs III4.0
WRIT 151Fundamentals of Acad Writing3.0
At least 45 semester hours from the following:
CSCI 171Introduction to Programming4.0
ENGR 101Graphical Communications 13.0
ENGR 160Intro Engineering Profession3.0
ENGR 201Engineering Mechanics:Statics3.0
ENGR 202Engineering Mechanics:Dynamics 13.0
ENGR 203Mechanics of Materials3.0
ENGR 206 Elect. Engr. Circuit Analysis4.0
ENGR 301Materials Science 23.0
ENGR 306Fluid Mechanics 13.0
ENGR 340Prof Integrity in Engineering3.0
ENGR 499 Senior Project Design plus successful transfer or completion of Principia-advisor-approved engineering courses in one of the specialties listed in the narrative description of engineering 313.0
Total Semester Hours83.0

Students earning a dual degree in Electrical or Chemical Engineering may substitute another advisor approved engineering course for this course.


Students earning a dual degree in Civil or Electrical Engineering may substitute another advisor approved engineering course for this course. 


These courses will include at least two (2) 300 and above level courses.

Note:  A minimum grade of C- or higher is required for each science and engineering course in the major.  In addition, a cumulative average of 2.0 or higher in all required courses is necessary to complete the major. See overview page.