B.A. Major in Economics

The B.A. major in Economics requires 11 courses:

ECON 203Principles of Microeconomics3.0
ECON 204Principles of Macroeconomics3.0
BUAD 251Financial Accounting4.0
BUAD 261Business Analytics3.0
ECON 303Intermed Microeconomic Theory3.0
ECON 304Intermed Macroeconomic Theory3.0
ECON 431Evolution of Economic Thought3.0
Two of the following:6.0
Comparative Economic Systems
Environmental Economics
Economic Development
Money and Banking
International Economics
One of the following:3.0
Public Speaking
Oral Interpretation
One of the following:3.0-5.0
Intro to Mgmt Info Systems
Soc Science Research Methods
Calculus I
Total Semester Hours34.0-36.0