B.S. Major in Chemistry

The B.S. major in Chemistry requires 15 courses:

CHEM 131Fundamentals of Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 132Fundamentals of Chemistry II4.0
CHEM 133Fundamentals of Chemistry III4.0
CHEM 262Organic Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 263Organic Chemistry II4.0
CHEM 311Phys Chem I: Thermodynamics4.0
CHEM 313Phys Chem II: Quantum Chem4.0
CHEM 321Applied Spectroscopy4.0
CHEM 333Instrumental Analysis4.0
CHEM 441Senior Research Project (minimum of three semester hours)3.0
MATH 181Calculus I5.0
MATH 182Calculus II5.0
PHYS 201Phys for Scientists/Engrs I4.0
PHYS 202Phys for Scientists/Engrs II4.0
One of the following: 4.0
General Biochemistry
Adv Environmental Chemistry
Total Semester Hours61.0