B.A. Major in Environmental Studies

The B.A. major in Environmental Studies requires 15 courses:

Foundational Courses
BNR 111Introductory Botany4.0
BNR 112Introductory Zoology4.0
BNR 191Introduction to Ecology4.0
BNR 201Methods in Research & Writing4.0
BNR 215Biometry3.0
MATH 141College Algebra3.0
One of the following:4.0
Environmental Chemistry
Introduction to Chemistry
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
Skills Courses
BNR 255Natural Resources Management4.0
Two of the following:6.0-8.0
Indigenous Ecol Knowledge
Sugarbush Management
Plant Taxonomy
Soil and Water Conservation
Wildlife Management
Forest Resource Management
Introduction to Programming
Environmental Mapping & GIS
Soc Science Research Methods
Environmental and Economic Policy Courses
BNR 290Environmental Policy3.0
ECON 203Principles of Microeconomics3.0
One of the following:3.0
Wildlife Conservation
Discovering Business
Environmental Economics
Environmental Ethics
Modern Climate Change
Environ Decision Analysis
Ecosystem Function Courses
One of the following:4.0
Grassland Ecology
Forest Ecology
Freshwater Ecology
Wetland Ecology
Additional required courses:
BNR 050BNR Service Learning0.0
Total Semester Hours49.0-51.0