B.A. Major in Studio Art

The B.A. major in Studio Art requires a minimum of 47 semester hours:

Required foundation courses:
ARTS 105Ideas and Visual Form3.0
ARTS 150Drawing I3.0
ARTS 185Survey of Contemporary Art3.0
ARTS 230Color Studies3.0
Required Art History courses:9.0
One 100-level art history course
One 200-level art history course
One 300-level art history course
One course in critical theory:3.0
Art and Critical Theory
Theory as Creative Practice
ARTS 195Professional Practice I1.0
ARTS 196Professional Practice II1.0
Three courses in one of the areas of emphasis listed below. One must be at the 300 level. 19.0
Two electives (may be within or outside of the area of emphasis):6.0
ARTS 499Capstone Exhibition6.0
Total Semester Hours47.0


  • See overview page for how repeatable courses may be counted toward program requirements. 

  • See overview page for departmental transfer credit policy.

Areas of emphasis:

Three of the following:9.0
Drawing II
Figure Studies
Drawing III
Total Semester Hours9.0
First two painting courses in either oil or watercolor:6.0
Oil Painting I
Oil Painting II
Watercolor Painting I
Watercolor Painting II
One of the following:3.0
Painting III
Figurative Painting
Total Semester Hours9.0
ARTS 203Sculpture I3.0
ARTS 304Sculpture II3.0
ARTS 383Sculpture III3.0
Total Semester Hours9.0
Graphic Design (fine art or commercial application):
Three of the following:9.0
Graphic Design I
Print Design
Graphic Design II
Photography as Fine Art
Web Design
Advanced Design Practices
Advanced Web Design
Total Semester Hours9.0
Extended/Alternative Media:

This area of emphasis exists for the art student who has a goal in studio art that cannot be met in the above areas of emphasis. Possibilities include video art, installation art, social practice art, or performance art. This emphasis requires a sequence of 9 SH of courses to be approved by a studio art faculty member. For example, a possible sequence for video art could include: MCOM 292 Video ProductionARTS 299 Experimental New Media Seminar or ARTS 401 Creative Research Project and MCOM 392 Documentary Video.