B.A. Major in Studio Art

The B.A. major in Studio Art requires 15 courses:

One introductory course from the following:3.0
Visual Fundamentals
Three Dimensional Design
Seven required core courses:
ARTS 150Drawing I3.0
ARTS 170Graphic Design I3.0
ARTS 230Color Studies3.0
ARTS 302Figure Studies3.0
ARTS 401Creative Research Project3.0-6.0
ARTS 495Portfolio Seminar1.0-3.0
ARTS 496Capstone Writing Seminar2.0
Four electives from the following:12.0-21.0
Print Design
Sculpture I
Oil Painting I
Watercolor Painting I
Drawing II
Graphic Design II
Web Design
Sustainable Design
Experimental New Media Seminar
Figure Modeling
Oil Painting II
Watercolor Painting II
Studio Seminar
Drawing III
Figurative Painting
Advanced Design Practices
On-Location Studies
Advanced Series
Three art history courses:9.0
One 100-level art history course
One 200-level art history course
One 300-level art history course
Total Semester Hours42.0-56.0