B.A. Major in Art History

The B.A. major in Art History requires 15 courses:

ARTH 100Intro to Western Art to 14003.0
ARTH 101Intro:Western Art 1400-Present3.0
ARTH 110Survey Asia/Africa/Americas3.0
ARTH 200Ancient Art3.0
ARTH 203Medieval Art3.0
ARTH 232Art of the Italian Renaissance3.0
Three electives from the modern period:9.0
17th-18th Century Art
19th Century European Art
20th Century Art
Art in the USA
20th Century Architecture
One elective from the following non-western courses:3.0
Topics in Art History (non-western only)
Asian Art
Islamic Art
One of the following studio art courses:3.0
Ideas and Visual Form
Drawing I
Graphic Design I
Print Design
Sculpture I
Oil Painting I (prerequisites required)
Color Studies
Two electives from the following 300-level courses:6.0
Adv Studies/Ancient
Adv Studies/Medieval & Renaiss
Adv Studies/17th-18th C Art
Adv Studies/19th-20th C Art
ARTH 449Capstone Proposal1.0
ARTH 450Capstone3.0
Total Semester Hours43.0