World Literature (WLIT)

WLIT 131 Stories Around the Globe 3.0 SH [GEH]

Students gain insight into different cultures as well as their own through careful reading and discussion of stories from different countries. Students explore the relationship between literature and culture in class discussions and writing.
Class Level Restriction: Freshman and Sophomore only.

WLIT 179 Reading French Society in Film 3.0 SH [GEH]

This course looks at different aspects of French society through both literature and film. These texts serve as tools to both understand French society and to analyze the interplay between literary text and film. Taught in English. No prior experience with French necessary.

WLIT 231 Themes and Forms 3.0 SH [GEH]

Centers on a literary theme or form on literature from around the world. The contents vary, and the title will be extended to describe the current topic or form.

WLIT 421 Masterpieces of World Lit 1.0-3.0 SH [  ]

Close study of individual great works in the context of the development of literary tradition. Seminar conducted by English and foreign language faculty. May be offered for variable credit from one to three semester hours.
Prerequisite: one English course and 3.0 GPA.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only.