Careers (CAR)

CAR 091 Career Conference 0.0 SH [  ]

Intensive, three-day conference/seminar that helps students prepare for life after graduation. Includes lectures, seminars, hands-on sessions, interviews, and professional events that give students an introduction to the processes and procedures for internship and job searches, graduate school application processes, social media and its application to career development, and other related topics. May be repeated twice.
Class Level Restriction: Sophomore and Junior and Senior only

CAR 101 You. Your Major. Your Career 1.0 SH [  ]

This course provides students with an understanding of the relationship between their college experiences - academic, social, extra-curricular - and the "world of work." Through self-discovery, major exploration, and initial career tool development, each student will learn more about his/her skills and interests, and how to "intentionally" include experiential activities during college to prepare smartly for life after college.
Class Level Restriction: Freshman and Sophomore only.

CAR 201 Navigating Internships 1.0 SH [  ]

Course prepares students to intentionally plan and complete an internship or REU in a target field before graduation. Students will gain a deeper understanding of their personal strengths, relate academics to the working world, research and evaluate specific opportunities, develop professional competencies and tools, gain confidence through professional development, and complete an academic contract, if needed.
Class Level Restriction: Freshman and Sophomore and Junior only.

CAR 301 Investigating Career Options 3.0 SH [  ]

Provides students with an in-depth and strategic approach to career development. Students leverage their college experiences and develop tools and resources with which to pursue professional opportunities. Activities include exploring the hidden job market and graduate school programs, connecting with professionals, enhancing résumés and cover letters, managing online professional profiles, and practicing interviewing skills.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only