Principia’s generous donors provide financial support for several different types of scholarships for qualifying students. Below is a list of the scholarships available this year:

Academic Scholarships

Scholarship Name Annual Value HS GPA SAT Score ACT Score
Trustee $25,000 3.9 1420 30
Chairman's $20,000 3.8 1380 29
President's $15,000 3.7 1340 28
Dean's $10,000 3.6 1280 27

All of these scholarships are available to first-time freshmen.  Transfer students are eligible to receive the Dean’s scholarship (3.5 or higher College GPA required) or the Arthur F. Schulz Jr. Alumni Scholarship (3.0 or higher College GPA required and must be the child or grandchild of Principia Alumni).  Eligibility for academic scholarships is automatically determined upon submission of a complete Admissions application.

Arthur F. Schulz Jr. Alumni Scholarship

In 1982, The Principia Alumni Association established a special endowment fund in memory of Arthur F. Schulz Jr. for children and grandchildren of Principia alumni. This four-year scholarship is currently valued at $4,500 each year. First-time freshmen must have a 3.0 high school GPA to qualify; transfer students must have a 3.0 or higher college GPA.  Eligibility for this scholarship is automatically determined upon submission of a complete Admissions application.

Founders’ Scholarship

Named for Principia’s founder, Mary Kimball Morgan, and the many other dedicated educators committed to its ideals, the Founders’ Scholarship is awarded to prospective students who have demonstrated a significant commitment to Christian Science, good character, academics, and citizenship through participation in varied activities.  The annual value varies, and both first-time freshmen and transfer students are eligible.  Scholarship awards are automatically determined upon submission of a complete Admissions application.

DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes the hard work and dedication of students graduating from the NLC program, a multi-year leadership program for high-school-age Christian Scientists across the country that is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, leadership qualities, and a service perspective on life. This renewable scholarship is valued at $5,000 annually.

Scholarship Renewal

Each scholarship described above is renewable provided the specific renewal criteria are maintained. Scholars will receive renewal information each year from the Scholarship Committee.