Principia College students are expected to pay their bills by the due dates of each PrinBill. All students will be automatically enrolled in a payment plan each semester.

Education at The Principia: Policy 20

The administration, faculty, staff, and student body are expected to adhere to Policy 20 from Education at The Principia as stated below:

The Principia shall conduct its activities on the basis that all obligations of whatever nature incurred by or due to The Principia shall be met promptly and fully.

The practices of the business department shall not be controlled by sentiment and shall be based upon the inspiration of the Golden Rule. This policy shall not only govern the business dealings of the institution and its members in contractual or financial matters, but shall be reflected also in the demand that all obligations resting upon members of the administration, faculty, staff, and student body as members of this educational community shall be met squarely and promptly. (pp. 235-236)

PrinBill is Principia’s online billing and bill payment service. Principia bills are viewable online and payments can be made using secure online access. All PrinBill accounts have a personal, secure login. More information on PrinBill, payment plans, and authorized users will be communicated to enrolled students and families prior to the start of school.

Monthly Billing Statements

Students will receive email communication when the monthly eStatement is available online. Current account activity can be viewed throughout the month. Authorized users can be set up by the students to view their eStatement and make online payments. The first payment of the school year is due by August 26. Communication regarding delinquent accounts is with the student. Authorized users may be included in this communication.

Student Responsibility for Payments

Principia holds the student primarily responsible for ensuring that payments are made by the due date. Each student is expected to be aware of the status of her/his PrinBill account each month, even though an authorized user might be making the payment. If an account becomes past due, the student is responsible for resolving the situation in demonstration of Policy 20 of the “Purpose and Policies of The Principia.”

PrinBill Payment Methods

Available payment methods include electronic bank withdrawals, credit card payments, or checks. Credit card payments incur a convenience fee of 2.75% ($3.00 minimum per transaction). Students are encouraged to pay by electronic bank withdrawal. There are no fees for paying by electronic bank withdrawal. Payments must be received by the 26th of the month.

All checks written for payment of student accounts must be on U.S. banks, in U.S. dollars, and made payable to “The Principia.” Please send them to:

The Principia
Attention: Cashier
13201 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63131

Insufficient Funds and Declined Payments

There will be a service charge of $20 for each returned or declined payment.

Late Fee

A 1% service charge on delinquent amounts will be billed monthly.

Past Due Accounts

Failure to pay charges when due or according to an approved payment plan classifies the amount as past due. Unless corrected, this could lead to financial suspension of the student. It is important to communicate with Billing Services if there are problems so that solutions can be worked out.

Accounts must be kept current on an ongoing basis. Students may not be allowed to register with their class group for the next semester’s classes unless the account is current. Students whose accounts are past due at the end of the semester will be placed on financial suspension, prohibiting admission to classes and participation in sports and other activities (including working on campus or living in campus housing) until satisfactory arrangements have been completed with Billing Services.

Grades, Transcripts, Diplomas

Grades and transcripts are furnished on request provided that all financial obligations to Principia have been met. Transcript requests may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office via either our secure online ordering system (electronic or paper delivery) or in person in the Registrar's Office (paper delivery only). To place online orders, current students and former students who have maintained an account may log in via BannerWeb (SSB); former students who are not able to access BannerWeb should log in via Principia's Parchment page. More information about ordering transcripts can be found at

Diplomas are issued to graduates when their accounts are paid in full.

Reservation Deposits

New Resident Students

When an applicant has been accepted, a good-faith deposit of $100 is required to demonstrate the student’s intention to enroll. The deposit is credited to the student’s account when the student is fully enrolled. No future reservation deposits are required as long as the student stays enrolled at Principia. The reservation deposit is due by May 1. Acceptances offered after May 1 or for spring semester require a deposit within one week of the acceptance notification.

The deposit is refundable if the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is notified in writing before June 1 that an accepted student has decided not to enroll. The deposit is forfeited if the student withdraws on or after June 1.

The student should notify the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid as soon as possible if he or she does not intend to pay the reservation deposit, thus canceling the acceptance.