Costs and Fees


Costs of the Principia College program for the year 2017-2018 are as follows:

Fixed Charges (Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees)

Fixed charges include tuition, Traditional Meal Plan2, and cost of residence on campus during each semester (two per year), academic counseling services, admission to all on-campus athletic events, admission to The Principia Concert and Lecture Series, subscriptions to annual and weekly student publications, and other services. They do not include books, personal expenses, laboratory fees, miscellaneous fees, student activity fees, or the cost of residence on campus between semesters.

Resident Students

  Year Semester

Day Students

  Year Semester

This tuition includes all day student charges except meals taken on campus, occasional overnight residence on campus, student activity fees, books, personal expenses, laboratory fees, and miscellaneous fees.


Because of the possibility of substantial increases beyond our control in our operation expenses, the financial arrangements published in this catalog are subject to revision at the beginning of any semester. Notification of any necessary change in rates will be sent to you at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester.


The Traditional Meal Plan is a declining balance meal plan that provides sufficient funds each semester to cover twenty-one meals per week, subject to student food choices. Meal plan dollars can be used in both the Student Dining Room and the Piasa Pub. $100 of the meal plan dollars are put into a plus account and can also be used in the College Store. Those who choose to eat more meals in the Pub, larger quantities of food, and/or more expensive specialty food items, may enroll in an upgraded meal plan or larger plus account. Meal plan and plus account enrollments occur twice a year, by semester. More information on meal plans and plus accounts may be found at the College Dining Services website.

Fees and Personal Expenses

Laboratory and Miscellaneous Fees

These charges, with a few exceptions, are due in full when billed each semester and apply to resident and day students.

Student Fees

(billed to all student master accounts on a term basis)

Student activity fee$350 ($175 per semester)
Athletics fee$125 ($62.50 per semester)
Technology fee$125 ($62.50 per semester)

Student Fees (optional)

Parking fee$100 ($50 per semester)

Academic Fees (billed to student accounts as incurred)

Student software and online testing fee$170 (first-time students only)
Independent study/course contract administrative fee$50
Overload tuition fee$944 per semester hour (SH) over 18 SH
Independent study off campus tuition fee$944 per SH
Internship for academic credit tuition fee$944 per SH
Principia Abroad administrative fee$500 per program
Regular audit$100 per course
Credit by examination$100 per course

Laboratory Fees

For lab fees, see the course descriptions. Fees cover overhead for class and not all individual student expenses.

Registrar’s Fees

Late registration fee$25
Late schedule change fee$25
Late graduation application fee$50
Transcript fee$10

Personal Expenses

Expenses for personal items, general school supplies, services, dues, etc., average between $20 and $50 monthly. Students are expected to use cash, check, or credit/ATM card to pay for their school supplies, fees, and other items and services available through the College Store and otherwise. Miscellaneous fees of the kind described above are due at time of purchase. These items may not be charged to the student’s account.

Each semester, all students on a meal plan are given $100 on a Plus Account that can be used in the College Store to make personal purchases.  This Plus Account can also be used in the Student Dining Room and Pub.  Additional points can be purchased with cash or credit card and added to the student’s Plus Account during the semester for a nominal fee.

Textbooks are the biggest personal expense incurred by students and generally average $500 each semester—depending on the courses being taken. Information on course textbooks is available online in the Course Information Sheet for each course. Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks from any source of their choosing. They should make sure they are ordering the correct title, author, and edition. Books should be in the student’s possession by the first day of classes.

Student Health Insurance Requirement

Principia policy requires that all students attending the College have health insurance coverage. 

Principia College students who are US citizens or permanent residents must demonstrate they are covered by an ACA-approved health insurance plan.  If unable to obtain coverage through a parent’s insurance plan or the Health Insurance Marketplace, Principia College has identified a student health insurance plan which may be purchased to meet this requirement. Students who do not provide proof of ACA-approved health insurance by August 6 will be automatically enrolled in and billed for this plan.

Principia College international students must demonstrate they are covered by a health insurance plan that is valid in the US and has a national network of health care providers.  Principia's International Student Program Manager can provide information on insurance plan options and is available to assist international students in enrolling in the plan of their choice.

For more information on the College's student health requirement, including deadlines for demonstrating coverage and details and costs of the default insurance plan please contact the Admissions Office.