Academic Progress

A student must average 15 semester hours (SH) per term (or 30 SH per year) to satisfy the 120 SH needed to graduate in four years. An approved extended study petition is required for study beyond eight terms. To make Satisfactory Academic Progress, a student must achieve a minimum number of cumulative semester hours by the end of the indicated number of terms:

At end of 1st term—9 semester hours earned

At end of 2nd term—a total of 21 semester hours earned

At end of 3rd term and each term thereafter— an average of 12 semester hours (or more) earned per term.

In the chart above, the total semester hours earned include Principia College courses, transfer courses, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and CLEP.

Residential students must be registered for a full load of 12-18 hours each term (exceptions may be granted by petition). Day students and employees/spouses do not need to meet the required number of semester hours earned.