Confidentiality of Student Records

Principia considers a student’s record to be confidential, with the exception of the following “directory information”: student’s name, date of birth, address, telephone number (unless the student chooses not to list it), major fields of study, advisor, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of athletic team members, class level, house, courses taken and current registration, status (full or part-time), dates of attendance, degrees received, academic honors and awards, and most recent educational institution attended.

The term “student” includes current, former, and prospective students (those who have applied). Some examples of confidential and private student information are social security numbers, transcripts, grades, and student disciplinary records.

Principia’s requirement of protecting the confidentiality of private student information such as social security numbers extends to all Principia departments, Principia agents such as Parchment (supplying transcripts), and Principia research consultants who are contractually bound to Principia’s confidentiality requirement of strict non-disclosure of private student information. With written notice to the registrar, students may opt out of any Principia disclosure of directory or private information to any third party except for Principia agents or consultants bound by Principia’s privacy policy.