Academic Integrity

A Principian is expected to pursue a life of integrity. See the Principia Community Commitment. Therefore academic honesty is essential to a Principia College education.

Academic Misconduct Policy

Students are expected to refrain from all forms of academic misconduct, including but not limited to lying for academic gain, cheating, plagiarizing, unauthorized sharing of work, and any form of misrepresenting another’s work as one’s own. Students are also expected to refrain from helping others with any of these or other forms of academic misconduct.

Faculty members are required to report suspected academic misconduct to the Scholastic Committee via the registrar. The Scholastic Committee will review the incident(s) and first determine if the case constitutes academic misconduct. If it is determined that academic misconduct has occurred, the committee then recommends steps for supporting the student in upholding an appropriate standard of integrity in academic work. Course faculty may impose consequences for academic misconduct that include, but are not limited to, failure on the assignment and/or failure in the class. Additionally, egregious or multiple incidents of academic misconduct can lead to academic misconduct suspension. When a student is reported for academic misconduct, the student has the right to see the report and respond in writing and/or through a hearing process as outlined in the academic misconduct policy and procedures. Prior to an academic misconduct suspension a student has the right to a hearing, and may appeal the decision to the dean of academics (see Academic Misconduct - Procedures and Form).