Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements (LADR)

  • 5 courses selected from these academic areas as follows:
Each of these five courses must be from a different discipline:
1 Arts [GEA attribute]
1 Humanities [GEH attribute]
1 Social Sciences [GESS attribute]
2 courses from any of these areas [GEA, GEH, GESS attributes]
  • 1 Bible [GEB attribute]

  • 1 Mathematics [GEM attribute] (May be fulfilled within major requirements)

  • Additional 24 semester hours of Math and Natural Sciences courses outside the major discipline (must include one lab course outside the major)1


B.S. Majors may not count MATH 110 Mathematical Applications or MATH 111 A Survey of Mathematics as part of the 24 SH outside their discipline. B.S. majors should ask their advisor(s) for the complete list of courses that count toward these 24 SH.

Each credit course must be 3 semester hours or more

  • 2 PE [GEPE]

GEPE courses are non-credit and require a minimum of 42 contact hours

Any non-credit courses to be completed are in addition to the 120 academic hours required for graduation