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Viewing: Change Geology (GEOL) to Earth Science (ERTH)

Last approved: Thu, 06 Apr 2017 19:12:02 GMT

Last edit: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 17:27:55 GMT

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Change Geology (GEOL) to Earth Science (ERTH)
I would like to change the term "Geology" to "Earth Science" and create a new ERTH Department Code. I understand this department will be administered by the Physical Sciences administrative department and will be part of the MNS Unit.

This change will better reflect the scope of the department which will include other earth sciences as well as geology: oceanography, marine geophysics, instrumentation for oceanography, etc. This move will require the following changes:

Move content from the Geology page in the catalog to a new Earth Science page.

Change all references to "Geology" on any departmental overview pages to Earth Science. (That department would need to approve the wording change.)

Departments will need to change some requirement listings. They need to propose a program change for each major or minor requirement listing that will be affected as separate proposals.

Should the BNR department want to delete the "B.A. Major in Environmental Studies with a Concentration in Geology," they need to put through a drop major proposal.

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