Minor in Religion

A minor in Religion requires five courses. At least one course in the religion minor must be at or above the 300 level.

Two courses in biblical studies:6.0
The Old Testament
The New Testament
The Hebrew Prophets
Wisdom Literature and Psalms
The Bible and the Environment
Christian Gospels
Paul the Apostle
Biblical Interpretation
Topics in Biblical Studies
One non-biblical religion course:3.0
Religious Conflict & History
Philosophy of Religion
World Religions
The Bible & Comparative Ethics
Faith and Film
History of Christianity
Introduction to Islam
Religion in America
Gender & Religion
Christian Science Movement
Spiritual Autobiographies
Topics in Religious Studies
The Life of Mary Baker Eddy
God and the Holocaust
Jews, Christians, & Muslims
Methods of Religious Study
Any two additional courses listed in one of the categories above6.0
Total Semester Hours15.0