B.S. Major in Physics

The B.S. major in Physics requires 19 courses:

CHEM 131Fundamentals of Chemistry I4.0
MATH 181Calculus I5.0
MATH 182Calculus II5.0
MATH 273Linear Algebra3.0
MATH 283Multivariable Calculus4.0
MATH 355Applied Advanced Calculus3.0
MATH 380Differential Equations3.0
PHYS 201Phys for Scientists/Engrs I4.0
PHYS 202Phys for Scientists/Engrs II4.0
PHYS 203Phys for Scientists/Engrs III4.0
PHYS 204Phys for Scientists/Engrs IV3.0
PHYS 283Advanced Laboratory4.0
PHYS 301Classical Mechanics3.0
PHYS 303Electricity & Magnetism I3.0
PHYS 305Quantum Mechanics I3.0
PHYS 307Statistical Mechanics3.0
PHYS 401Research 13.0
Two upper-level electives, chosen from the following options:6.0-8.0
Phys Chem I: Thermodynamics
Elect. Engr. Circuit Analysis
Any 300-level physics course other than 301, 303, 305, and 307
Total Semester Hours67.0-69.0