B.A. Major in French with a Concentration in French and Francophone Studies

The B.A. major in French with a concentration in French and Francophone Studies requires 33 semester hours, 21 semester hours of which must be at or above the FREN 204 level and taught in French:

Six semester hours from the following:6.0
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Intermediate Conversation
Contemporary French Society
Intermediate Grammar I
Language and Culture Abroad II
15 semester hours from the following:15.0
French Cultural Studies
Textual Analysis and Writing
Reading French Through Time
Intro to French Literature
Love, Reason, and Monarchy
Advanced French
Language & Culture Abroad III
Image & Power in 19th C France
20th Century: Mind Revolutions
Seminar in French Literature
Nine semester hours from the following complementary courses:9.0
19th Century European Art
Literature and Critical Theory
History of France
From Renaissance to Revolution
Revolutionary Europe 1800-1914
African Cultures
Reading French Society in Film
Three semester hours from any of the above categories3.0
Total Semester Hours33.0