B.A. Major in Environmental Studies

The B.A. major in Environmental Studies requires 14 courses:

Bio-block courses taken concurrently:
BNR 111Introductory Botany4.0
BNR 112Introductory Zoology4.0
BNR 191Introduction to Ecology4.0
BNR 201Methods in Research & Writing4.0
Additional required courses:
BNR 050BNR Service Learning0.0
BNR 215Biometry3.0
Three BNR or ERTH electives at the 200 or 300 level9.0-12.0
One advisor-approved advanced ecology course3.0-4.0
Two advisor-approved SOAN courses or EDST 170 and one other EDST course6.0-8.0
One of the following:4.0
Environmental Chemistry
Introduction to Chemistry
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
One of the following:3.0
Principles of Microeconomics
Environmental Economics
Total Semester Hours44.0-50.0