B.S. Major in Engineering Science

The B.S. major in Engineering Science requires 24 courses:

CHEM 131Fundamentals of Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 132Fundamentals of Chemistry II4.0
CSCI 171Introduction to Programming4.0
ENGR 101Graphical Communications 13.0
ENGR 160Intro Engineering Profession2.0
ENGR 201Engineering Mechanics:Statics3.0
ENGR 202Engineering Mechanics:Dynamics 23.0
ENGR 203Mechanics of Materials 23.0
ENGR 340Prof Integrity in Engineering3.0
GEN 101FYE: Integrated Learning3.0
MATH 181Calculus I5.0
MATH 182Calculus II5.0
MATH 283Multivariable Calculus4.0
MATH 380Differential Equations3.0
PHYS 201Phys for Scientists/Engrs I4.0
PHYS 202Phys for Scientists/Engrs II4.0
PHYS 203Phys for Scientists/Engrs III4.0
WRIT 151Fundamentals of Acad Writing3.0
Successful transfer or completion of at least 6 courses of Principia-advisor-approved engineering courses in one of the specialties listed in the narrative description of engineering science 318.0
Total Semester Hours82.0

Note:  A minimum grade of C- or higher is required for all science and engineering courses in the major.  See overview page.