B.S. Major in Engineering Science

The B.S. major in Engineering Science requires 12 courses plus transfer of engineering courses:

Preparatory Courses 1
CHEM 131Fundamentals of Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 132Fundamentals of Chemistry II4.0
CSCI 171Introduction to Programming4.0
MATH 181Calculus I5.0
MATH 182Calculus II5.0
MATH 283Multivariable Calculus4.0
PHYS 201Phys for Scientists/Engrs I4.0
PHYS 202Phys for Scientists/Engrs II4.0
Completion of the first year of the two-year engineering program at a university approved by the director of the engineering program and successful transfer of at least 24 semester hours of engineering courses to Principia College as part of the engineering science major.
Four courses in one of the areas of concentration.12.0-16.0
Total Semester Hours46.0-50.0

The eight required preparatory courses also fulfill the B.S. distribution requirement of 24 semester hours outside the major discipline.

Chemistry Concentration

CHEM 133Fundamentals of Chemistry III4.0
CHEM 262Organic Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 263Organic Chemistry II4.0
CHEM 311Phys Chem I: Thermodynamics4.0
Total Semester Hours16.0

Computer Science Concentration

CSCI 182Intro to Data Structures4.0
ENGR 262Computer Hardware Architecture5.0
Two of the following:6.0-7.0
Object-Oriented Programming
Computer Software Architecture
Software Engineering
Total Semester Hours15.0-16.0

Math Concentration

MATH 380Differential Equations3.0
Three of the following:9.0
Linear Algebra
Applied Advanced Calculus
Numerical Analysis
Complex Variables
Total Semester Hours12.0

Physics Concentration

PHYS 203Phys for Scientists/Engrs III4.0
Three of the following:10.0-12.0
Computer Hardware Architecture
Advanced Laboratory
Classical Mechanics
Electricity & Magnetism I
Quantum Mechanics I
Total Semester Hours14.0-16.0