Principia College Student Ombudsman

The Principia College Student Ombudsman is available to listen to and assist students who have tried unsuccessfully to resolve an issue regarding their experience at Principia through other channels. The ombudsman works with students to help them resolve their issues whether they are with a peer, a faculty member, an advisor, or a Residential/Community Educator (RCE).

The ombudsman treats each situation with confidentiality and neutrality, helping the student understand and clearly state the issue, encouraging a metaphysical approach, as well as informally assisting the student.

The four key principles under which the College Student Ombudsman operates are confidentiality, neutrality, informality, and independence.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times unless there is imminent danger to the student (or others), or the student gives permission to share information. The College Student Ombudsman strives to remain neutral and does not advocate for one side or the other. The ombudsman operates informally; therefore no records are kept about individual cases other than to report trending data anonymously to administration. If the resolution leads to a formal process, the student pursues that action independently with the appropriate party.

The College Student Ombudsman may be contacted by emailing