Principia College Student Ombudsman

The Principia College Student Ombudsman is available to assist students who have tried unsuccessfully to resolve an issue regarding their experience at Principia through other channels. The ombudsman will actively listen, share resources, and gently guide students to find the most comfortable next step in resolving any issues, whether they are with peers, faculty members, an advisor, or a resident counselor.

The ombudsman treats each conversation with 1) confidentiality, 2) impartiality, 3) informality, and 4) independence. These are the four ethical principles under which organizational ombudsmen operate.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times unless there is imminent danger to the student (or others) or the student gives permission to share information. The ombudsman does not keep records or report to anyone in administration. However, if a particular issue comes up several times from several different students, showing a pattern, that trend is shared with the appropriate party in order to help make change for the better. This is always done anonymously.

The ombudsman may be contacted by emailing