Sports Management (SMGT)

SMGT 360 Leadership 3.0 SH [  ]

Designed to survey the dynamic nature of leadership. Goals include: to explore basic theories and concepts of leadership, to identify personal leadership styles and learn how to adopt and use them, to improve and expand one's range of leadership skills, and to develop a personal approach to effective leadership by integrating personal leadership style and experience with leadership theory.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only.

SMGT 420 Focused Research in Sports Mgt 1.0-3.0 SH [  ]

Designed to allow students the opportunity for focused research on topics of interest in one of four areas (marketing, operations, event and facility management, or leadership) within the field of sports management. May be offered for variable credit from one to three semester hours. May be repeated up to a total of six semester hours provided topics differ. Offered on an independent contract basis only.
Class Level Restriction: Junior and Senior only.